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 angels among us






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 Life At Ja JA

We at Ja Ja (JAnice & JAmes) believe that the secret to a healthy family of kitties is for them to have plenty of fresh air. Here in Florida our kitties are in and out of the house (lanai) all day and every day. They love being out on the lanai watching the ducks, or seeing the fish jump in the canal. They never give up trying to catch the elusive green anoles (native lizards) and they enjoy running and chasing each other.

 We are cageless! Our

kitties/kittens do not live in catteries or in separated rooms or in the garage.

 When born they are kept safe -- free from harm... as they venture out on their own, they begin to explore their new  environment little by little. 

 They are reared in a loving home atmosphere with a lot of personal touching, talking, and attention. 

My private practice is in our home where they become used to children, adolescents, adults, etc., and are more socialized and used to different voices and many noises.  


 At around the age of seven-to-eight weeks, the babies develop self-confidence and begin practicing their running and jumping. They have the run of the house/lanai which is huge running all across the back of our home... 24 feet of sliders and five other rear doors lead  to it... the kittens/kitties can come and go... I love living where I can bring the 'outdoors in' and the 'indoors out.' Life here at Ja Ja is wonderful....everyone is free to run and play....take naps, listen to classical music and/or other light easy listening/jazz music, and even watch a little television (their favorite is Animal Planet).



We have many litter boxes around which are picked up when we have guests....and the kittens/kitties often cannot come to the parties.... as they do indeed offend guests who are not into multiple kitties at our 'Kat Haus.' <wink> and may complain of being allergic (though Siberians are hypoallergenic). When we have guests for dinner, the kittens/kitties can create havoc as you can imagine.  In general, the kitties like flowers and candlelight, teasers, tree houses, and condos, catnip, and toys especially 'crackle' types.



Feeding our kitties

Their food (diet) is Life's Abundance® 


Please visit:

Life's Abundance


on-line purchasing




TOLL FREE telephone #




 use my Breeder Number:  10047464 


Life's Abundance (LA) is always available to our kitties, as is plenty of fresh water in clean bowls. Amazing to me how much water they consume and they even enjoy drinking water out of the pool.

Supplement vitamins from Life's Abundance (I just shake the bottle and they come running) are their favorite treats.


Life's Abundance for kittens and adults contains no wheat, corn, milk, byproducts, no artificial preservatives, no artificial additives.... a purrrrrrfectly healthy diet for our JaJa kittens and adult kitties.  It is delivered fresh to your door and does not sit for months in a warehouse or grocery store.  


At the the sound of the supplement (vitamin/mineral) bottle being shaken... they come running, as they do when they hear the snap of the 'Instinctive' can. (Instinctive is wet kitten/kitty tinned food).



There are several gardenia bushes across the back of our lanai and the aroma is noticed by everyone including the kitties. The kittens/kitties love being on the lanai to hear the mockingbirds, watch the fish jump, chase anoles (lizards), track the ducks, follow the Ibis or Egrets along the back, chase each other, play with toys, lie around and smell the gardenias, and take naps ... They love the Florida warm, balmy breezes and sunshine. I truly believe that the reason we do not have sick kittens/kitties is because they have a lot of sunshine and plenty of fresh air most any time they wish. 

Of course, they love being inside and nap everywhere... inside the jardinières, on the entertainment center, etc.  Alternating between themselves, they sleep on our bed at night... they take turns and literally 'flop' here and there. 


We entertain a fair amount so when I have a dinner/bridge party, I do put them into kitty domains for the evening....they do not mind. (In fact, the domains are on the lanai and left open ... at will, they climb in and out of them.) And, sometimes, the baby kittens/kittens are in our master bedroom for that short duration of time. These simple large sized catteries help to contain our kitties for a variety of reasons besides entertaining guests who do not particularly want to be with a zillion kitties. Some reasons for containment would be 1.) a queen in season

2.) bathing and readying for a show weekend. Mainly though, it is for company, for example, guests invited to a dinner party (believe me, if the tables are set the night before with crystal and china then as one would expect… you're right... a disaster… 

Once I had left a few roaming the house and was busy cooking and I found my flowers on the table in disarray.
Having the kitties/kittens running around when getting ready for parties does not work. Once they tipped over an arrangement of flowers on a nicely set table and it had to be dismantled and the linen had to be dried and ironed. Also, my friends do not understand kitties on the counters, etc., up on tables, etc. They love plants and flowers. My plants and orchids are up on stands (nothing is really 'kitty-proof) or literally in gardens around the house.  

When the girls are calling (i.e. are in season) they are separated from others. They always have company and are not left isolated and alone. When a mating is desired, the future mom and dad are put together in a quiet, secure place. 


I also use the kitty domains when getting ready for the shows or when they are not going to shows but are being bathed/groomed... where they can air dry in the breeze and stay nice from their bathing. When dry, they are out and about again. 

Living here is truly a haven for them and I want my little princes and princesses to have wonderful homes where they are loved and free to enjoy life as royals in their palace... Queen or King of the castle... LOL... just like they do here.  

Not only do they play with toys, they actually have their favorite buddies and pal around with them. They nap together and just hang out with their buddies. They do not fight but occasionally do have their differences. We have lots of kitty boxes, water bowls, and feeding dishes, so they do not have to fight for survival and the pecking order is minimal. With our mindfulness and watchfulness, this would be a behavior we would control anyway.  Yes, the kitties can swim!  


         In the back of the lanai, gardenia bushes bloom continuously about seven months of the year.....the aroma when in full bloom is glorious 



 2012 Best Alter 1st in USA

 Grand Champion Ja Ja Angelihka


 Second Best Alter 2012 in USA  

 Grand Champion Ja Ja Nicholii


always remember there are angels among us

RagaMuffins love baskets or any nook and cranny ...

they love climbing into my giant Chinese fish bowls --

they are behind jardinières things and on top of shelves....

into cupboards, cabinets, etc. LOL



....a cat for all seasons

 for all the right reasons' 


  Ja Ja = J Ames + J Anice 

 first two letters



We love Florida......we are near our family in this wonderful climate

here (above) Jim and I are on a water taxi going to

celebrate Mother's Day with family




Ja Ja is a registered CFA and ACFA cattery

Ja Ja holds memberships with ACFA, CFA, & UFO



Belonging to all-breed cat club, 

Platinum Coast Cat Fancier (PCCF)

CFA and ACFA and UFO


My interest is not just kitties, I've been involved with children and families for over forty years. I'm a private therapist who has deep concerns for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families... visit my web page. See below








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Pictured above are Royals:
Grand Champion Inspiration Erek of Ja Ja

Center is Grand Champion China Chin Chin

Right: Champion Ja Ja The Orlando Russell



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  Ja Ja RagaMuffins &Siberians 


 are little princes and princesses,


 angels sent to us from somewhere


 up Above....they have come into our lives 


 bringing us much love 


  email me at 





 address your inquiry in terms of specifics,

 i.e., prince or princess


 color preferences: blue, crème, red, tortoiseshell


 age: (kittens 12-14 weeks),

 preadolescents under 10 months

 adolescents (11-18 months)

 adults (mature @ age 3-1/2 to age 4


everyone's first question it seems is "How much?"


 Adoption fees begin @ nine hundred dollars


shipping and shipping carrier are extra



  Kittens Availability

August & September 2014

Princes and Princesses

now available 







 A Wonderful Story with a Happy Ending


 Ja Ja Martinique Princess ('Mara')  is an angel... 

  she was adopted about eighteen months ago

 and returned recently when her adoptive mom had to move

 up North with her daughter.  Mara could not accompany them

and so my poor little angel was left behind.  Poor Mara!

....How sad is that ?

 Mara is spayed and a love.  She was the purrrrfect angel 

 Mara, a natural mink tortoiseshell and white

  with gorgeous deep blue colored eyes, has a happy ending to this  story.... Last week Mara was adopted by a Pine Island (St. James) couple who think that she is pretty wonderful ...




Now available to new adoptive home

5 month old Princess



 with gorgeous eye color of dark blue

 beautiful white .... pristine ...






Newest Grand Champion


Grand Champion Ja Ja Georgia Gorgeous George

picx below






Adoption Fees


One must remember a special kitten is a special commitment,

 a twenty year plus commitment ...

 kitten fees are @ nine hundred dollars ... 

plus expenses ~  kitten expenses include shipping, carriers,  health certificate,  out-of-state USDA certificate required by airline,  microchipping.


 Adolescents are adolescents forever.

Kittens are not kittens for very long...

Please remember that both RagaMuffins and Siberians

are not fully matured until around age four

- and sometimes four years and six months...

...fees for young adolescents begin

@ five hundred dollars depending upon age...


Retired adult show kitties or retired breeders

costs are negotiable...from time-to-time

I have no fee kitties available....


I have one kitten, five months, a beautiful

red McTabby and white -

email me for picx.  She is available to

a wonderful loving family

for no fee.


 Always available to make expenses easier are



 merchant services


 I have kittens now available ...


also available are a couple of


and one retired breeder





We specialize in the exotics and love the    minks...the ocean aqua colored eyes

 natural minks (dark brown points)

 tortoiseshells (calicos) and reds






 Ja Ja Jamaica Prince Jamie

 is one of the most intelligent little kittens...

he is very loving

  and sweet with a huge purr...

he is energetic and fun...




Princess Ja Ja Miami Sunset

Mimi is natural mink tortoiseshell

with ocean blue eyes

Mimi now resides in Georgia



Princess Louisiana Magnolia Sweets

"Lola" is a champagne lynx point tortoiseshell and white

with deep dark blue eyes.....

Lola resides in South Fort Myers, FL







 Princess Ja Ja Miami Sunset

 Mimi is a sable tortoiseshell and white

 adorable and smart

 Mimi now resides in Georgia

 received an email from Mimi's papa who

 is wanting another - maybe this time

   a Siberian    .....




What an angel of a baby Orie is

Ja Ja Oregon

Here he is at Christmas 2010 cat show

Beautiful Prince of a Fellow

Crème McTabby and White

with copper colored eyes.

 Orie resides in Cape Coral, FL




Beautiful blue silver patched McTabby and White

with ocean bluish/green eye color


Grand Champion Ja Ja Gorgeous George was a

 dream kitten (see Best Kitten in Show picx) 


 Here is George at a cat show

lower left 




 here is George winning BEST KITTEN

 @ Baltimore

 Georgie went to Wisconsin ACFA Annual Awards

and was the second best

RagaMuffin kitten in the USA in2012 




Grand Champion Ja Ja Nicholii (Siberian)

red McTabby and white

copper colored eyes





now available pointed Princess

3 months of age







 and a natural mink




  pointed (blue eye coloring)  lynx  




beautiful blue silver McTabby and White Princess


best way to see current photos

of a Muffin you describe

such as prince or princesses

is to email me




and I will email picx to you


please email



for day-to-day

information and pictures





Champion Ja Ja Siena Aria 




grand champion Ja Ja China Chin Chin


Angels Among Us